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released February 15, 2016



all rights reserved


RESISTOR Hamilton, Ontario


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Track Name: Facade

Stop sucking the life and presenting what they want you to.
This is your life, stop letting them live it for you.
Look at the body of thoughtless and blurred spaces, gathered to hide behind all of these faces.
With complied laughter fills the void despair.
A temporary blanket warming the sickness in the air.
And my head pounds with time and it won't ever stop.
Patience is slipping away with every tick of the clock.
Impulse beams with thoughts that crawl all over the mind.
And sanity is seeping down dripping from the eyes.
You want a perfect role to be played but your mind is where allies the game.
This is just a phase to be played, oh my you're feeding off this face, every way.
Gripping ropes around me.
A facade to portray and expertly dupe the demands of the consumer. To smile despite the deteriorating mind.
Track Name: Discourse

You give and you take it all away.
So tell me how, and how its supposed to be; to break the spell.
Hear me out, This life's not right for me.
At least for now.
When one breaks through, you see things new. And don't look back no more.
Now what's it take to walk away. I'm losing this faith.
How does this work?
To slowly pry the moving parts, the gears and what steers, the walls that bind me to the floor. And what's more, my tongue is ripped of all discourse.
Track Name: Drones

I listen to the things you say and realize the prices that we pay to lead a simple life.
I listened to the things you said and realized that we're just all born dead, to sweat and strain our time. Forget our name and never question why.
To stand in line and placed side by side; just another bar code stamped in the number line.
Wake up this is not a life to lead.
To give in and give up and disregard your dreams.
You were made to break the boundaries on something more; count the score.
Just keep on playing the game to try to break the cycle.
You can lie to me, you can fight for me. You can lie to myself.
You're next in line, not this time.
To break the spell time is now.
Track Name: Strings

Now will you sleep tonight knowing everything you once lived and loved is gone?
Now will you try to fight for just one more last night, or let it all just slip along? The floor boards creek with weight and rot under your feet.
This is not a home when the walls are stripped by the seems.
The piano plays one last droning key; a note to shattering apart a family.
Strapped up to this bed your strength closes.
Weakening under suddenly disbelief.
Placed into the ground, your hands frozen and left holding onto nothing. Wired up to all these machines your final hour closes blissfully.
Placed into the ground your hands open.
You're home you're not alone.
One day you'll see that this life is just a painful dream.
We look to see what is up there, what is pulling the strings and what controls your faith.
But then they'll leave, you'll notice nothing but (tyranny).
Oh god, you take the strength from a broken man.
One day you'll see that this life is just a painful dream.
You kill the lights on me.
Track Name: Lines

Put your pen right down on the paper and draw the lines that decide your future.
Its just a number depicting your intelligence. Right now.
What happened to the bliss, to the drive that once stood behind me every push?
What happened to the pride, to the passion once here?
Drained away with every year.
Minute to minute wasted on that signature that's stating that you wasted four years of your time.
Put your pen right down on the paper and draw the lines that decide your future.
These words will help you live an awful lie.
When words don't hit the page, why is this the only way?
When lines don't form a phrase, your capability's in a cage.